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Our Story

Retired dentist, Joseph Fendall Outten, DDS of Greenville, South Carolina and his daughter, a healthcare executive with more than 30 years of experience, M. Cornelia Outten, created Dental Advocacy Group.

Dr. Outten has a deep love for the practice of dentistry and quality treatment of dental patients.  He saw that managed care pressures as well as franchise (i.e., “corporate”) dental practices are making competition more difficult for his fellow “traditional” dental practices, in which the owner(s) is also the main provider. This type of environment could result in erosion of quality patient care.

Cornelia spearheaded Dental Advocacy Group as an innovative solution for traditional community dentists. Cornelia develops relationships between providers and payers to their mutual benefit, resulting in higher fee schedules for dentists and a broader network for the payer. She also leverages the group’s buying power with vendors, suppliers, and consultants to achieve cost savings for traditional community dentists.

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