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The Dental Insurance Market is Complex, Confusing, and Constantly Changing.

Let Dental Advocacy Group and our revenue experts be your advocate so you can experience higher reimbursements and a more profitable practice.

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“I’m a PPO practice but need higher fee schedules”

As a professional focused on excellent patient care, you should get paid accordingly. Insurance companies require significant discounts off your fees to be in their network, and this can lead to a focus on quantity at the expense of quality.

Having an advocate that can help you increase your revenue allows you to focus more on patient care.

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“I’m starting my own practice”

Starting a practice is an exciting time but it comes with a lot of challenges. Competition for new patients can be intense, so being “in network” is the quickest way to acquire new patients.

As a new owner, you may not realize that insurance plans require significant discounts off your fees to be in their network. Let us be your advocate to achieve higher fee schedules.

That’s more revenue and profit when you need it the most!

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“I want to hire and retain Associates”

Position your practice to hire and retain the best Associates. Higher insurance fee schedules lead to increased revenue for the practice, and higher income for the Associate.

Let Dental Advocacy Group help you compete for the best of the best.

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“I’m buying an existing practice”

When you acquire a practice there is a lot to consider. The Insurance contracting process is complicated, time consuming and fee schedules are typically very low. Increasing your revenue will allow you to re-invest in technology, equipment, staff, and marketing.

Let Dental Advocacy Group handle the insurance enrollment process while you realize higher fee schedules.

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“I’m fee for service, but I want to grow”

Practicing as Fee for Service is a great situation but can present challenges in acquiring new patients. If you have been successful as a fee for service practice but want to grow, then you are probably looking into your insurance options. This is a big step.

Partner with Dental Advocacy Group to help navigate appropriate plans and fee schedules.

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Buying an Existing Practice


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PPO Practice Needing Better Fee Schedules


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Hire and Retain Great Associates


annual revenue increase

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The Greatest Stories Told

are by those who experienced it.

“I recommend DAG to every dental practice. Acquiring new patients is easier now, and we have doubled our production.”

Dr. Natasja Bevans

“I appreciate what DAG has done, not only for my office, but for my stress levels and my life. Joining DAG is possibly the best business decision I have made so far.”

Dr. T. Lance Collier

“I have been working with Dental Advocacy Group for just over three years now and could not be more pleased. Their team takes the guesswork out of credentialing and the fee schedules are significantly greater than any I have been able to negotiate on my own. Without DAG, I would not be able to achieve the results in PPO profitability that I have now.”

Dr. Jake Noel

Meet Dr. Jim Bolt

Chief Member Advocate

After 30+ years of private practice, I know firsthand how hard dental offices work. I am passionate about helping practices increase revenue through acquiring more equitable fees from insurance companies. You shouldn’t have to give away dentistry for the benefit of being in network.

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We Help Our Clients by Optimizing Their Revenue Growth.

We are a diverse group of insurance experts, dental professionals, and client advocates. We take the burden of credentialing and insurance enrollment out of your office.

We offer a number of solutions. Take our no-obligation assessment to learn which solution would be best for your practice.

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We provide administrative support between the dental office and the insurance companies.

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We offer our members access to an exclusive program that offers higher fee schedules.

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We continue to offer the best fee schedules available in the market, helping you increase revenue each year.

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We are a diverse group of insurance experts, dental professionals, and client advocates. We take the burden of credentialing and insurance enrollment out of your office.

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