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Competing for quality Associates with corporate dentistry and DSO’s can be tough, but you want to hire the best.  Position your practice to compete for these Associates by offering a compensation package the others cannot match.  Dental Advocacy Group offers programs that can significantly increase reimbursement for the Associates work, enabling the owner to pay the Associate more.  And with higher reimbursement, the owner dentist will benefit as well.  Let Dental Advocacy Group help your Associate grow the practice, and the practice will benefit from favorable reimbursement from the insurance companies.

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  • Competing with corporations and DSO’s for quality Associates
  • Need to offer competitive compensation package
  • Need to grow the practice at favorable reimbursement
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Dental Advocacy Group offers programs that can enroll the Associate in most major insurance plans under a single contract, single credentialing application, and a single fee schedule that is significantly higher than typical market rates. Our account management team will manage the entire credentialing and enrollment process so you and your staff can focus on patient care. With the higher reimbursement from Dental Advocacy Group, you can afford to offer a more competitive compensation package, while also benefiting from the increased revenue.

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Impacted a Multi-provider practice in Savannah GA with annual billings of $7.0M. The practice was able to guarantee its new associates billings in excess of $1M, and therefore paid a smaller percentage of collections. This practice was able to effectively compete for associates in the market.

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“The Dental Advocacy Group secured a rate increase for our practice that has been life changing and exceeded our expectations. The DAG team is true to their name and advocates for our practice every day with insurance companies from new provider profiles to insurance companies trying to use old contracts.  The Dental Advocacy Group is an extension to our team.  Their expertise and knowledge are priceless.  We couldn’t have done it without them.”

- Stephanie Barnes, Practice Administrator, Godley Station Dental

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