I am a PPO Practice but need better fee schedules

The dental insurance market is complex, confusing, and constantly changing. Many practices start out contracting with insurance plans to attract new and maintain existing patients. With patients conditioned to seek “in network” dentists, this is a logical approach. Unfortunately, over time dental insurance fee schedules have declined with discounts over 40% all too common. If you have a stable practice, but are suffering from low reimbursement, Dental Advocacy Group may be able to help.

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  • Low Fee Schedules from existing contracts.
  • Fear of losing patients if you are not “in network.”
  • Too many contracts and fee schedules to manage.
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Dental Advocacy Group offers programs to help increase your fee schedules while reducing the total number of contracts, all while keeping you in network with the same insurance companies. We have been successful in helping practices increase revenue while reducing the administrative burden of managing a multitude of fee schedules. We can accomplish this while still maintaining “in network” status so there is no fear of losing patients.

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A multi provider practice in Savannah GA has annual billings over $7m. As a result of participating in the Dental Advocacy Group program this practice has realized an annual increase in revenue of over $1M.

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“The Dental Advocacy Group secured a rate increase for our practice that has been life changing and exceeded our expectations. The DAG team is true to their name and advocates for our practice every day with insurance companies from new provider profiles to insurance companies trying to use old contracts.  The Dental Advocacy Group is an extension to our team.  Their expertise and knowledge are priceless.  We couldn’t have done it without them.”

- Stephanie Barnes, Practice Administrator, Godley Station Dental

“Simply put, the success or profitability of any business can really be summed up with  balancing what’s coming in with what’s going out.  While I realize every practice and patient demographic is different, the Dental Advocacy Group has been very beneficial in helping me and my practice increase “what comes in”.  Along those lines, any investment into equipment or a service should be evaluated by its ROI.  If the return is greater than the expense, it should at the very least be something to consider.  In my case, working with Dental Advocacy Group has been well worth the time and expense.  I can say with confidence that scheduling a consultation with Michael, Cornelia and the rest of their team is something you won’t regret. “

- Dr. Brant Haynie, Big Springs Dental

“I appreciate what Dental Advocacy Group has done, not only for my office, but for my stress levels and my life.  Joining DAG is possible the best business decision I have made so far.”

- Dr. T. Lance Collier, DMD

“Having the Dental Advocacy Group assist me in utilizing more appropriate PPO insurance reimbursement schedules has had a significant impact on my gross revenue this year. I highly recommend them”

- Dr. Matthew Kirkley, DMD

“Our office joined Dental Advocacy Group in 2019.  I have been amazed at how our PPO insurance reimbursements have significantly increased – even with the challenges of Covid-19 in 2020.  It’s been a pleasure working with our DAG team and I highly recommend them.”

- Wendy Oliver, Insurance Coordinator, Inspirational Smiles

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