I am a Fee for Service Practice Needing to Grow

Practicing as Fee for Service is a great situation and the goal of many practices.  Unfortunately, due to insurance benefits that encourage use of “in network” dentists, it can be difficult to acquire new patients and grow your practice.  In many markets, there just are not enough patients that are willing to go to an out of network dentist.  If you have avoided joining insurance plans and PPO’s due to low reimbursement and the hassles of dealing with multiple contracts and fee schedules, Dental Advocacy Group can help.

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  • Difficult to acquire new patients due to being out of network
  • Need to grow, but not at the expense of profitability
  • Need a simple, easy to administer program for “in network” status
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Dental Advocacy Group can position your practice to acquire new patients without giving huge discounts to the insurance companies. Our programs provide an administratively simple way to achieve “in network” status with many market leading insurance plans. We offer a single contract, single credentialing application and single fee schedule that pays well above market rates. Our dedicated account management team will handle all the credentialing and enrollment allowing your staff to focus on patient care.

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Impacted a Multi-provider practice in Huntsville AL with annual billings of $2.5M Once the practice started participating through Dental Advocacy Group, they were able to rapidly grow the practice. In a period of 1 year, they increased the billings to DAG insurance companies by almost $500K.

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“We have had a wonderful experience working with Dental Advocacy Group!  They have greatly helped us navigate the crazy insurance world and increased our reimbursements along the way.  I highly recommend their team to ACTUALLY increase PPO reimbursements.”

- Luke Powell, DMD, Hazel Green Dental

“We joined Dental Advocacy Group in 2019, one year after we opened. I had it in my mind that going in network would severely hurt my new practice in my very competitive market. I was wrong. The fees that DAG has negotiated are reasonable and the 3rd and 4th quarter of 2019, after I joined, we DOUBLED our average production! Acquiring new patients is so much easier now because we are listed on the insurance websites. I am so grateful for this company because it changed not only my practice for the better but also, I feel happy to get to tell new patients that we are in network! “

- Natasja Bevans, DMD, Bijou Dental Spa

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