After years of research, retired dentist, Joseph Fendall Outten, DDS of Greenville, South Carolina and his daughter, Mary Cornelia Outten, a healthcare executive with over 30 years of experience in healthcare negotiations, created the Dental Advocacy Group.

The organization’s founding comes from Dr. Outten’s deep love for the practice of dentistry and quality treatment of dental patients.  Dr. Outten noticed that increased pressure from managed care entities, as well as franchise or corporate dental conglomerates, have changed the competitive landscape for the traditional, solo dental practice.

Dr. Outten believed that changes in competition and lower payer fee schedules were creating a pennies-for-profit environment which could result in the erosion of quality patient care.  The answer to this dilemma was to create an organization that could help community dentist by providing a better network of resources with higher payer fee schedules, negotiated supplier pricing, marketing assistance, and help from non-competing dentists.

Cornelia spearheaded the Dental Advocacy Group’s formation as an innovative solution for community dentists.  She began utilizing a lifetime of contacts to develop relationships that would result in higher payer fee schedules, stress-free credentialing, deeply discounted dental supply rates, specialized dental marketing, better banking solutions, and created a dental practice round-table to bring non-competing dentists and office mangers together for peer networking.

Once assembled, the Dental Advocacy Group began accepting memberships from dentists, office managers and dental students, connecting them to its network of invaluable member resources and benefits.

Today, the Dental Advocacy Group remains true to its founding and continues to help community dentists throughout the United States.